Exciting Kitchen Products from Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools

At Kitchen & Cook Shop we like to see what’s new and interesting in the world of kitchenware and cooking products and the other day a fantastic new range of cookware caught my eye, which isn’t surprising as the new kitchen tools from Q.D. Foodie look amazing!

Exciting kitchen products from Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools

I did a little more research and found out that these colourful and quality kitchen utensils are currently in production under the watchful eye of creator Marci Heit and her dedicated team. For the last 2 years they have been designing, developing, prototyping, testing, promoting and launching this excellent range of kitchen products.

This stylish and fun kitchen tool collection has been designed to engage and inspire kids (and grownups) in the kitchen, and we’re all for that! As you see, all the items are shaped like healthy food which brings a smile to your face every time you use them. They are made from silicone and nylon so they are completely dishwasher safe and built to last. Cleverly, the Banana and Artichoke measuring cups and spoons have measurements in imperial, metric and braille, so absolutely no-one is left out of the fun when cooking or baking!

Banana measuring spoons from Q.D. Foodie
Artichoke measuring cups from Q.D. Foodie

Functional and Fun!

When it comes to whisking, lifting, mixing or spooning you have the choice of five fun utensils, all quality made and food-safe. The colours are super – check out the bright yellow of the Corn salad spoon and the deep purple of the Eggplant whisk. I especially like the Scallion salad serving fork – it has such a big smile!

Egg plant whisk from Q.D. Foodie
Corn salad spoon from Q.D. Foodie

As you see, nothing is unwieldy or oversized. All these utensils will fit in your kitchen cupboards and drawers, and you’ll notice that the measuring spoons and cups fit together neatly to save space. A lot of thought has gone into making the Q.D Foodie Kitchen Tool Set work as good as it looks.

Exciting kitchen products from Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools

Socially Responsible

Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools were designed first and foremost to encourage imagination and creativity for youngsters. They say:

“The first step to getting children into the kitchen is to make cooking enjoyable. By empowering kids to learn how to cook, be creative, and eat healthier with their own set of utensils, we are helping to create lasting memories and family traditions.”

This growing business also believes in a creating a better world, so they are generously giving back a portion of their profits to the Houston Food Bank and Leket Israel National Food Bank. In the future, as more people discover their excellent range of products, they promise to expand the ways in which they can make a positive difference to other people’s lives.

About Q.D. Foodie

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We are really looking forward to having these lovely, fun kitchen tools in our home – I hope you are too!

Exciting kitchen products from Q.D. Foodie Kitchen Tools