Best Value Mixer – The Kenwood Patissier

UPDATE: Kenwood have stopped production of the Kenwood Patissier mixer since we wrote this article. This is somewhat of a shame because it was such a quality made and affordable mixer, however do not despair as Kenwood have a few other brilliant food mixers available. The lowest price option is the Kenwood Prospero which is a very capable stand mixer perfect for smaller kitchens but here at Kitchen & Cook Shop we suggest that you look at the incredible Kenwood kMix stand mixer which is available in four colours. It costs a little more, but you get a full sized, high quality mixer at an excellent price!

The Kenwood Patissier

If you are looking for a stand mixer and don’t know whether to go for a kitchenAid stand mixer as used by Nigella Lawson or something cheaper to suit a lower budget, we at the Kitchen & Cook Shop would like to recommend the Kenwood Patissier mixer as the best value mixer. It looks similar to the kitchenAid, but its price is more affordable. It also has a much higher rating on than the kitchenAids that are imported from America.

Kenwood Patissier in Black

We think the Kenwood Patissier MX3 series is the perfect friend for your kitchen and cake making duties. It has a stylish curvy retro look, and will look good in any kitchen as it is also available in black and 6 other colours including white, cream, blue, red, pink and teal. Here at the Kitchen & Cook Shop we have had the older silver version for about eight years which is no longer available on amazon, but think the other colours are brilliant and would love to swap it for the red one!

Reviewers love the splash guard and special spout that come with this mixer for adding ingredients without making a mess. From our experience the start-up of the mixer is slow enough that it doesn’t tend to send the ingredients flying over the edge of the bowl, but the speeds are fast enough to make light work of whisking.

Other plus points that people have noted are the following:

  • The mixing tools reach all the way to the bottom of the bowl so everything is mixed well.
  • The bowl is large enough if you want to double up on cake mixes.
  • It is powerful at 400 watts, but sturdy and heavy enough to remain on your worktop when mixing.

The good reviews on amazon far outweigh the negatives for the Kenwood Patissier, and from our experience of using this mixer we would have to agree that it is a brilliant little mixer at a great value price. Ours has mixed many cake recipes over the years and apart from it being a little heavy when we have to lift it down from a shelf to use it (my choice of course), we love it.