The Black + Blum Leaning Tower of Pasta Spaghetti Jar

I stumbled across this fantastic spaghetti storage container whilst I was looking through the Black Friday Deals on I was instantly hooked by its clever design and quirkiness! What do you think – Smart isn’t it?

The Black + Blum Leaning Tower of Pasta!

The Black + Blum Leaning Tower of Pasta isn’t the cheapest pasta storage jar that you can buy, but it is certainly a talking point in the kitchen. I love the way that the Leaning Tower of Pisa, that classical world renowned structure, is depicted in classy looking white ceramic. It really does make me think of Italy when I view it!

Not only does this spaghetti jar look great, it is practical too. The cork stopper contains a clever measuring system which enables you to determine how much pasta you need for your meal and the Leaning Tower of Pasta is also dishwasher safe.

Now the bad news… Amazon stopped selling Black + Blum Leaning Tower of Pasta in January 2019 so I’ve had to look elsewhere to satisfy my long pasta storage needs. Fortunately in my searches I have found a great looking tall spaghetti jar made by T&G.

T&G Pride of Place Pasta Spaghetti Jar

The T&G Pride of Place Pasta Spaghetti Storage Jar is available in four different colours so it suits many kitchen colour schemes, including my own. The T&G Pride of Place Spaghetti Jar measures 120mm diameter by x 315mm tall and it’s made of very classy ceramic which is dishwasher safe.

If you like the look of the T&G spaghetti jars above then you’ll be glad to know that you can also purchase bread bins and tea, coffee and sugar jars in the same design. Now that would really make your kitchen look incredible!