4 ways to bring Floral Designs to Afternoon Tea

At the moment we are loving floral designs at the Kitchen and Cook Shop, and many of these items will also make lovely gifts. There are many beautiful floral designs around, from the popular shabby chic and Royal Albert designs that you might remember seeing in your gran’s cabinet, to the more modern minimalistic floral designs. Guys may not like it, but it would be great if we could have tea parties with our friends every day from flower covered cups and plates!

4 ways to bring floral designs to afternoon tea

So for those of us who love floral designs and relish throwing a fun tea party here are some fantastic and beautiful ways to bring in those floral designs. These items will also make great gifts for those who love flowers.

Floral Cake Stands

Afternoon tea simply cannot be served without a cake, so these floral cake stands are the perfect way to show off your home made tasty treats. Or if you are a bit of a cheat, they are a great way to present your shop bought cakes in a home made style.

Floral Mugs

Technically afternoon tea should be served in a cup, but what if you want a good size cup of tea? I like to have modern style afternoon tea, served in mugs but from a tea pot. Why not have floral mugs to match your tea set for a good cuppa with or without a teapot?

Floral Teapots

Teapots are often collectors items and are not necessarily found in homes so much anymore. That is a big shame as there are some beautiful looking floral Teapots around. For those who love a tea party the humble Teapot can be the show piece of the table, they also make a stunning gift for that very special someone.

Floral Tea Sets

Tea Sets can include a range of different items, from sets that include a Teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug, to full sets including cups and saucers. There are also fabulous tea-for-one sets, (teapot, cup and saucer, or cup, saucer and side plate) that make unique gifts or allow you to enjoy your daily cuppa from your own personal floral tea set. (No boys allowed!)

We hope this has shown what is available with floral designs, either to match what you have already or enhance the tea parties you hold. We’d love to know what your favourite designs are, so please leave us a message in the comments below.