Best selling kitchen appliances make great gifts!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find it very difficult to choose gifts for your family and friends, especially at times like Christmas when it is even harder than usual as we have to buy a multitude of presents for many different types of people.

A while ago I discovered that on the Amazon UK website you can view all of the best selling items in each category. This was a massive time saver for me! I now know that what I am buying as a gift is very often a tried and tested product, and not only that, I can get some great ideas for birthday or Christmas gifts, including many products that I may never have thought of if I hadn’t seen the web page.

Below I have chosen some kitchen appliances that are often purchased on Amazon UK or via articles on our own Kitchen & Cook Shop website. Most of these kitchen items are quite affordable as gifts and because they are well known I am sure that the recipient will be happy with your choice of present.

Kitchen blenders are a healthy lifestyle gift

There is no quicker or easier way of getting homemade nutritious food inside you than blending together some fruit or vegetables and making a smoothie, shake or soup. In our lives today we have little time to spare so the quicker it is to make a healthy drink or meal, the better. Below are three blenders that allow you to make nutritious food in no time at all. Perfect for single people, couples or families, these kitchen blenders are affordable, reliable, simple to use and easy to clean!

Clever cooking with a slow cooker

I love my slow cooker and it gets used almost every week for making stews and soups or for cooking joints of meat. Slow cookers are an efficient and simple way of making a meal that is often nutritious, filling and tasty! Also known as a crock pot in the US, a slow cooker is a great way for busy people to cook meals for themselves or their family. Simply prepare the ingredients, add them to the slow cooker, stir, turn it on and get on with your day. When you return home after doing your duties, your kitchen will smell wonderful and a delicious meal will be waiting for you to serve! The three slow cookers below are best sellers on Amazon UK.

Make soup just the way you want it

A soup maker is both a time saver and a space saver! Being almost the same size as a kettle, a soupmaker is perfect for those that wish to make chunky or smooth delicious and nutritious soups but have limited space in their kitchen. In my household, we use the hob or slow cooker to make soup, but I can see the many advantages that a soup maker has. The process of making soup in a soup maker (such as the three best sellers shown below) is simple. Just chop up your ingredients, put them into the soup maker, put on the lid and choose the type of soup you want. In 20 or so minutes you’ll have a pot full of delicious soup, made exactly how you want, and without any of the unnecessary additives that shop bought soups tend to be full of nowadays. In many soup makers you can also make smoothies and milkshakes too!

Coffee machines – Gifts to perk up your day!

If you have friends or family that are coffee lovers then a coffee machine makes an excellent gift. For the coffee purist, a bean-to-cup coffee machine or a manual espresso coffee machine is probably the best choice, however many people like coffee but want it quickly and without fuss, and in these cases, a capsule coffee machine is perfect! Some of the best selling coffee machines seen below all make excellent coffee and the capsule machines shown here are very affordable and would make an excellent gift. Perhaps you could even treat yourself and purchase a coffee maker so you can have a tasty brew whenever you want without having to pop down to a big chain coffee shop and pay their extortionate prices!