Disney’s Frozen Food!

Here at Kitchen & Cook Shop we love Disney’s ‘Frozen’ and when we saw these excellent cutlery and tableware sets for children we knew that they would make fantastic gifts for the youngsters we know.

Both sets include images of your Frozen Disney favourites: Anna, Elsa and Olaf the Snowman. The best thing is that the little ones might actually stop singing “Let It Go” for 5 minutes while they are using these fabulous Frozen dinnerware. Enough with that song already!

If you’ve worn out your copy of Disney’s Frozen, you can always buy it again! For Blu-Ray users we recommend Frozen on Blu-Ray or if you have a DVD player you’ll need Frozen on DVD.

This film also makes an excellent gift for young and old alike. Even if you’ve seen the movie before, you’ll still enjoy watching it again due to the superb animation, wonderful soundtrack and funny moments. I know that it’s on my Christmas wish list!