Festive Christmas Tea Towels

If you know a budding chef or baker, a tea towel is an inexpensive yet practical and appreciated gift to give at Christmas. Depicting seasonal themes and cheerful characters, a Christmas tea towel is bright and jolly and sure to add a bit of colour to the kitchen.

One of the best things about giving a tea towel as a gift at Christmas is that it’s so useful, especially when the huge amount of washing up begins to stack up and you need extra hands to dry all the kitchenware. If you give a tea towel as a Christmas gift then you might even be excused from helping with the washing up too! Some people keep their Christmas tea towels packed safely away during the year and bring them out only in December, but others use them all year round – and there’s nothing wrong with that at all!

Christmas Tea Towel Sets

Sometimes one tea towel isn’t enough, especially when there’s lots of drying up to do over the Christmas period, so why not buy a set of Christmas tea towels thus ensuring that you never run short in the kitchen. The four tea towel sets below are both stylish and festive.

Santa Tea Towels

One of the most recognisable characters at Christmas is Santa Claus, or Father Christmas as he was called when I was young. This jolly chap is sure to brighten up your Christmas Day after-meal clean up with his rotund belly, bright red garments and bushy beard. You may even forget you’re doing the wiping up if you’re using one of these Santa Tea Towels… maybe!

Reindeer Tea Towels

I think that reindeers add a bit of magic to Christmastime. The tea towels here all have different designs. One is arty, one is cartoonish, and the other two are classy in a silhouette style with bold colours and patterns.

Snowmen Tea Towels

We always think of snowmen at Christmas. With their carrot noses, top hats and colourful scarves, they are happy, joyful characters that add a bit of fun to the proceedings! These snowmen tea towels are sure to make that tedious drying up a pleasure to do.

General Christmas Tea Towels

There are many things that we associate with Christmas, including robins, penguins, toys, presents and Father Christmas, and all are available on season tea towels. Cats too make an appearance and included here are two cat tea towels that are sure to make a great gift for any cat-lover you know!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this gift guide and now spreading a bit of festive cheer this year with a Christmas Tea Towel as a gift or for your own home!