Gift Ideas for the Cook

Are you looking for a gift for someone who likes to cook? We have come up with some great ideas to give you inspiration on that perfect gift for him or her. There are tools and gadgets for the kitchen that can help a cook at every stage, so take a look at the gift ideas below to find something for the cook in your family.

Gifts to help make easy meals

There are plenty of small kitchen appliances that can take the time and pressure out of creating meals. Those that love to be in the kitchen will be happy to receive these gadgets to give them more time to be creative in the kitchen. Slow cookers can create healthy meals through the day, leaving the cook free to do other things. Electric healthy grills can be used at your dinner table as a focal point to a party, and fryers make it easier to deep fry food unattended. Rice cookers are great for fluffy rice every time whilst a sandwich toaster or soup maker can help to make an interesting and tasty alternative lunch. All these great gifts are under £70.

Gifts of tools for easy food preparation

There are also kitchen tools that help the food preparation process saving the cook time, and enabling them to create healthy treats and meals. Steamers cook vegetables, fish and rice in a healthier way, and blenders are great for blitzing fruit into smoothies, or vegetables into soup. A food processor is great multi-function tool which can help chop, slice or dice vegetables quickly and easily and some even have blender and whisk attachments which makes it a very useful kitchen tool and a very welcome gift. If you don’t have room for a food processor then a mini chopper is a great space saver and makes a slightly more unusual gift idea.

Gadgets and gift ideas under £25

For those on a budget, the below selection of gift ideas might make the perfect present for your cook.

Luxury gift ideas for the cook

If you are looking for that extra special something for the cook in your life, then these more luxury items for the kitchen will be perfect.

Recipe books make great gifts

For any cook or budding chef, recipe books will always make a good gift. Here’s a selection of our favourite recipe books.

Thank you for reading. We hope that we have given you some great gift ideas for both the budding and accomplished cook!