Gifts for Tea Lovers

Did you know that, after water, tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world? Tea originated as a medicinal drink by ethnic groups in an area that encompassed north Burma and southwestern China, whilst records of tea drinking date back to the 3rd century AD!

Jumping forward to modern times, approximately 63% of Brits drink tea daily – that’s a lot of people. With that in mind we thought that a quick roundup of Amazon UK’s best selling tea accessories would be good for those seeking gift ideas for avid tea drinkers. We hope you find it useful.

Tea Bag Storage

Specially designed to hold teabags in their paper sleeves, these tea storage boxes not only look great but are very practical too. Some are available in different types or shades of wood, and often you have the choice of size depending on how many compartments you require. Those with a clear top allow you easily choose your teabag of choice, or give you the opportunity to show off your ‘collection’!

Tea Caddies

It is important to protect loose tea from moisture and sunlight. An airtight container such as a tea caddy is vital because it will preserve the flavour of the tea and keep it dry. They were originally designed to hold loose tea, but many people nowadays use tea caddies to store tea bags in. Whatever you wish to store in a tea caddy we are sure that you will find one to suit your home on Amazon UK where we found the following striking tea caddies.

Tea Strainers and Tea Infusers

If you use loose tea in a tea pot it is advisable to pour the tea out through a tea strainer even if your tea pot has a built in strainer. The finer mesh in a tea strainer such as the couple shown below ensures that even the finest of tea leaves does not escape into your cup.

There are a huge variety of loose teas easily available now and the two tea infusers seen here allow you to enjoy a great deal of specialist teas and other infusions without leaving leaves in your drink.

Teapots and Teapots with Infusers

Some people insist that making tea in a teapot with loose tea leaves is the ONLY way to make a real cuppa whilst others prefer to use teabags in the pot for convenience. Arguments can get as heated as boiling water, I can tell you! We don’t care though. As long as we have a brew on the go, we are happy.

If you enjoy experimenting with different infusions, an infuser teapot makes things simple and easy. The glass pot allows you to see the colour of the liquid to ensure you get the strength you require.

Teabag Coasters and Tidys

We put our used teabags in the compost (or sometimes mix in with soil) so after being removed from the mug, we put the teabag to one side. One of my pet peeves is seeing used teabags discarded on the worktop so I insist that we have a teabag tidy close to hand at all times. You could use any small dish or saucer, but the following teabag coasters and tidys look much better!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this short list of great gifts for tea drinkers and that it’s given you some ideas of what to buy the tea lover in your life.