Gifts for Wine Lovers – Part 1

I have to admit that I do like a glass of wine every now and then, and I suspect that I’m not in the minority! I don’t take wine drinking too seriously, but there are many wine lovers that do so we are collecting together a few suggestions of great gifts for wine lovers. To begin with we will start by suggesting some gift sets that incorporate ways of opening wine, making it easy to pour and then keeping it safely stopped.

These three gift sets range in price from about RRP £20 to £80 but often there are special offers which can reduce the price of these wine gift sets immensely. They all include a corkscrew and bottle stopper, and whilst some have a wine pourer, others have a drip collar or foil cutter.

Rioja Wine Gift Sets

I like Spanish wine so may I suggest the following wine gift sets that all feature wines from one of my favourite Spanish wine growing regions, La Rioja.

Part 2 of our Gifts for Wine Lovers is now available for you to read and offers you some more great gift ideas.