Heart Shaped Cake Tins

Whether you’re baking a cake for your Valentine or making a tiered wedding cake, heart shaped cake tins are a brilliant way to represent love in cake form! Cake pans come in different designs and you may prefer one type over another. Some cake tins have removable bases whilst others have a springform clip to allow the baked cake to be removed easily. Whatever you preference, below are a few different heart shaped cake tins that are sure to make baking brilliant!

Single Piece Heart Shaped Cake Pans

Some bakers prefer to use single piece baking tins to avoid any cake batter leakage. Baking in a single piece cake pan is as old as time, however as you need to invert the cake after baking you may find that it is not so easy to remove compared to a springform cake tin or pan with a removable base.

Springform Heart Cake Tins

Springform cake tins have an adjustable latch or buckle that allows you to remove the sides of the pan after baking thus making it easier to remove the baked cake. One advantage that springform cake pans have is that you do not need to invert the cake to remove it from the pan which is an essential need for some delicate bakes, such as cheesecakes, or cakes which toppings on them, however some bakers experience leakage with these types of cake tin.

Multi-tiered Cake Tin Sets

If you are making a tiered cake for a wedding or engagement party the following heart shaped cake pans might be just what you need to make the perfect centre piece. With three and four tier options the following cake tins are sure to make your tiered heart shaped cake dazzle!

Other Heart Shaped Cake Tin Sets

The final three cake tin offerings below are all a little bit different. Firstly we have a five piece cake pan set for when you want to really ‘wow’ your guests with a heart shaped cake of mighty proportions. The second cake tin from Wilton has a very clever design where you can bake a cake with a heart shaped center. The cake itself is round, but when you cut into the cake you will find a perfectly formed heart and everyone will congratulate you on your baking skills! Finally we have a 4 piece fluted edge mini heart shaped baking tin set when you want to make a frilly and delicate cake (or four).

For more heart shaped valentines ideas for cooking and baking take a look at our full ideas list on Amazon.