Keep your Drinks Cool with Geeky Star Wars Ice Cube Trays!

Are you, or is someone you know, a Star Wars fan? If so, check out these useful gifts for any Star Wars geek!

As well as the great Star Wars moulds show above, there are many Star Wars mould designs available for making ice cubes or chocolate treats including R2D2 moulds, menacing Darth Vader head shaped trays, X-Wing Fighter moulds and even huge Millennium Falcon moulds! There is also a Death Star mould that creates a large ball of ice that it is sure to keep your drink cool for much longer than a standard ice cube. Or even better, it can be used to create a huge chocolate Death Star ball of goodness! It’s definitely on my Christmas wish list.

I have to admit that these ice cube trays are not exactly cheap, but they add fun to every cool drink that you have and they are an excellent gift. They are certainly a talking point. As mentioned earlier, an added bonus is that they can also be used to make chocolate, jelly and even ice cream shapes. You can also purchase Star Wars Mould Sets giving you the option to make a wide variety of Star Wars designs. It’s great that a simple kitchen product can be so much fun!

May the force be with you!

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