Novelty Kitchen Timers – Great gifts for Fun or Young Chefs!

Cooking in the kitchen should be fun and interesting, but sometimes it can be a dull place to be, especially when you are waiting for eggs to boil or your meal to finish cooking. Adding a fun timer to your kitchen is sure to make you smile and make your visitors laugh. Novelty kitchen timers also make great gifts – kitchen gifts that are both practical and fun! Below are some of our favourites.

Fruit and Veg Shaped Timers

I remember that my Grandma used to have a tomato shaped kitchen timer when she was alive, and when I see one now it always makes me smile and think of her. Apron around her waist and rolling pin in hand, she would always treat her grand children to freshly baked jam tarts when she was in a baking mood. Happy days! These three novelty kitchen timers are great to look at and are sure to brighten up any kitchen. I especially like the garlic shaped timer. I’ve seen green and red pepper kitchen timers before, but never a kitchen timer shaped like a garlic clove – brilliant!

Kitchen Timers for Children

There are many animal shaped kitchen timers in the marketplace but these are our two favourites. In our kitchen we have a large pink pig shaped biscuit barrel so the Judge Piggy Kitchen Timer would fit into our kitchen perfectly. Yes, slightly embarrassing, I know! The Ladybug Kitchen Timer is very cute and I love its shiny folded wings. This would make a great gift for a child that is interested in cooking or helping in the kitchen.

Finally we have a couple of kitchen timers that we feel would be wonderful gifts for very young children showing an interest in baking. Both made by Kitchen Craft (a manufacturer of quality kitchen goods), these two kitchen timers are easy to use and look super. Imagine children timing their baking creations using a Gingerbread Man or this fab Cupcake shape timer – What large smiles you would enjoy seeing when the bell rings!

Essential Reading

As always, we like to suggest some good books for readers of our articles, and today is no exception. For children that are showing an interest in cooking and baking the following two books are very highly rated and are sure to help you and them get involved together in the kitchen:

For adults we have chosen the following two recipe books. Both are brilliant for young families and are chock full of wholesome and healthy recipes, as well as having a few treats amongst the pages!

As always, enjoy your cooking, and whatever you are creating, make sure that you have something fun to countdown the minutes!