Cool Blue Dinner Sets – Dining in Style!

Did you know that the colour blue suppresses the appetite? I don’t know how true this actually is, but if we do believe the colour experts, a blue dinner set would be an excellent choice for people that are dieting or aiming to eat less at mealtimes. This is the exact opposite of the red dinner sets and the colour red which is often used for decoration in restaurants where restaurateurs hope that the warm colour makes you eat more!

Having a colourful dinner set makes mealtimes more interesting and blue crockery has a classy, timeless feel to it. Ancient Asian bowls and crockery often had designs painted on them in blue, and I always felt that blue dinnerware looked naturally at home in the country house kitchens of England.

The colour blue is beneficial to the mind and body, and it produces a calming effect. Investing in a blue dinner set would add a certain calmness to mealtimes. Preparing your meal after experiencing a stressful day at work is not much fun, but at least if you serve the food on blue plates, you may begin to feel more relaxed whilst you eat, thus making it easier to ease yourself into the evening.

Blue tableware can make an excellent gift, especially for your friends or family who prefer a cleaner, more ‘clinical’ style in their kitchen. If you know of someone whose dinner service is looking a little tired or faded, why not surprise them with a useful gift for the kitchen!

Below are some of our favourite blue dinner sets. They are available in plain or patterned, porcelain or stoneware, and they are sure to make each mealtime a pleasure.