Great deals on selected Philips Juicers

Philips make an excellent range of juicers and almost always there are special deals on Philips Juicers at These juicer deals often give you savings of between 15% and 60%, meaning that you can save over £100 on occasions!

These juicers are updated versions in the Philips Juicer range which now have more strong, more powerful and more reliable motors.

Below is a quick comparison chart which details the major differences between the four models shown above.

Great deals on selected Philips Juicers - Comparison Chart

All four Philips Juicers have excellent reviews on and elsewhere online and their range offers something for everyone.

2 Litre Philips Juicer Models

The 2 litre Philips HR1857/71 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer and Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer models in the Philips Viva Collection are essentially the same model but in different colours, whilst the other two products shown below are part of the Philips Avance Collection which have a 2.5 litre capacity.

2.5 Litre Philips Juicer Models

The Philips HR1868/81 Avance Collection Quick Clean Juicer model has a 700 Watt motor and comes in a white colour scheme, whereas the Philips HR1875/21 Avance Collection Quick Clean Juicer benefits from a 1000 Watt motor and is provided in a classy brushed steel, however it does also come with a much higher price.

The Benefits of Philips Juicers

One of the greatest benefits of all these Philips Juicers, besides the great price, is Philips Quick Rinse mode and the QuickClean technology. The QuickClean technology has been used to make all surfaces simple to wipe clean, even those parts that normally get clogged with pulp, and the Quick Rinse facility promises to clean the juicer in just one minute by flushing clean water through the device. A real time saver!

Juicing Books

To fully enjoy the benefits of juicing, we recommend the following books which contain lots of great recipes and healthy information and advice for juicing or dieting with juices. They are all available on Kindle devices and in traditional print. Make the most of your juicing!