Halloween Party Essentials

halloween pumpkinsA Halloween party provides a great occasion to have some really good fun. From dressing up as spooky characters, to creating a three course ‘Adams Family’ type dinner, there’s fun to be had for all ages.

So, if you’re putting together a Halloween Party this year, for kids or adults, we have a few suggestions for you to really add an extra touch of spookiness to the occasion! (You can also find our extended list of recommended halloween party essentials in our spooky amazon ideas list here.)

Cool Cubes

It’s important to keep your guests cool after they have got all sweaty from dancing to “The Monster Mash” and other Halloween classics and we really like these shaped ice cube trays and ice ball mould. Just make sure you have enough ice ready for after you’ve been dancing to The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “The Time Warp”. Jumping to the left and stepping to the right can really take it out of you!

You can also use these moulds for making cakes or sweets so you are getting even more spooky potential for your money.

Great Glassware

You’ll get much more Halloween kudos if you serve your drinks and ice from skull designed glassware. This ice bucket, decanter and refillable bottles should cover all the bases.

Halloween Tableware

Parties usually happen around a table which is laden with edible goodies, so here are some things to help spookify your party table.

Spooky Glasses

If you plan on having some drinks at your Halloween Party then why not spend a little effort and make the occasion more memorable with this selection of halloween glassware. Shot glasses, wine glasses, beer glasse, they are sure to strike fear into the brave souls that come forward when you shout out “Shots, anyone?”. Mind you, after I’ve had a few shots, the evening becomes a blur and I can’t remember much at all so take it easy with the shots, okay!

Scary Spirits

Are you arranging an extra special party for Halloween this year? If so, perhaps you may wish to savour the occasion with some more noteworthy spirits. The vodka, rum and tequila below are all very special spirits that come in unique bottles that you are sure to want to keep and show your guests. We won’t tell anyone if you want to reuse the bottles for other drinks!

Halloween Baking

Baking your own ghoulish goodies? Here’s some spooky utensils to help you out.

You can find an extended list of our recommended halloween party essentials in our spooky amazon ideas list here.