Meet the author of lifestyle book “Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist”

In this article we are chatting to Haley Erin Miller, lifestyle pioneer and author of Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist, a book for healthy recipes, exercise and stress management.

Tiny Plate, Tiny WaistKCS: Hello Haley, it’s great to be able to chat with you today. I can see that you have a tiny waist so your lifestyle is working perfectly, but please answer the question on everybody’s lips – what is a tiny plate?

Haley: The Tiny Plate is your key to creative cooking at dinner time and lets you lose weight without counting calories! The plate is 10 centimeters square.

KCS: Why did you develop the “Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist” lifestyle? Was it for personal reasons?

Haley: Yes, I fell away from healthy living soon after starting to work in an office environment. My body felt awful and I wanted to get back in shape before having children.

KCS: When did you decide that the “Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist” lifestyle could be beneficial for everyone?

Haley: I realized that I was able to re-create a healthy lifestyle because I already knew how to cook and exercise. I have met quite a few people over the years that have no cooking knowledge. I realized that a person without cooking skills would have a very difficult time trying to lose weight because they can only eat whatever is available at restaurants. While there are some healthy foods in restaurants, they tend to be more expensive or less tasty than the unhealthy options. I wanted to help others learn to cook healthy foods that also taste good!

Many people are unsure of how to start exercising. There are others who need techniques to manage their stress in order to have a healthy life and I felt that I should share this information for their benefit as well.

KCS: How many recipes do you have in your book?

Haley: There are 59 unique recipes in the book. Many of them have a gluten-free version and a regular version. There are over 80 recipe variations in the book.

KCS: How many exercises are there? Are there age or weight restrictions on who can do the exercises?

Haley: There are 22 resistance exercises included in the book. Several of the exercises have more than one variation, so there are 29 resistance exercises in all. The book also includes 18 stretches and relaxation techniques. I suggest that each person who wishes to adopt the Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist lifestyle speak with their doctor regarding the suitability of the exercises and meal plans for their individual situation. Day 1, for example, begins with a 20 minute walk. This is quite gentle and it will be possible for many, but not all, people to participate. I do include an appendix for people who are not physically permitted to exercise.

KCS: What is Stress Management and how does your book help us cope with stress?

Haley: Everyone experiences stress. When negative events occur, many people choose to make unhealthy choices like over-eating or eating foods with a high amount of sugar/fat. This can contribute to weight gain. Stress management is learning techniques to better cope with stress.

Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist includes an inspirational stretching program to manage stress. The plan for each day has an inspirational quote and stretches. You focus on the quote while breathing deeply and stretching. It helps both the mind and the body to relax and relieves tension.

Tiny Plate, Tiny WaistKCS: Back to the food… You don’t like to count calories. Why is that?

Haley: The Tiny Plate makes calorie counting unnecessary so you are freed up for something more fun!

KCS: Are any special kitchen appliances needed to make the recipes in your book?

Haley: No, you don’t need anything fancy to make the recipes in the book. There are a few items that make cooking easier and more fun!

It is definitely helpful to have a food processor if you are going to make your own hummus. You can choose to purchase hummus at the store, but it is especially tasty when you make it yourself! Rice cookers are not required, but they make the cooking process much easier. The rice tends to have a better texture coming from a rice cooker rather than a pot on the stove as well.

I love slow cookers! It’s great to put a roast in the pot, season it and come back to a hot meal! I have instructions for slow-cooker chili and pot roast. I have made the broiled chicken recipes in a slow cooker as well and they turn out very nicely!

It might also be helpful to have measuring cups and spoons with both imperial & metric measurements. Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist uses imperial measurements.

KCS: I have watched your excellent video. In it you mention Day A, Day B, etc. How does the days plan work?

Haley: The book includes instructions for 22 weeks of meals, exercises, inspirational quotes and stretches. There are five primary meal schedules with different options available to spice things up. There are daily instructions that tell a person the available food choices, so it’s not necessary to look at the chart and keep track of whether you are on Day B or Day C, but the chart is there for people who like to see the bigger picture.

KCS: Are there any strict rules to your “Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist” lifestyle?

Haley: Yes, there are just three rules of the Tiny Plate: You cannot select a whole stick of butter, a whole block of cheese or foods with refined sugar. There is, however, a cheat day every week and you can eat whatever tickles your fancy without size limitations.

Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist MealKCS: Creativity in cooking is a big part of the “Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist” lifestyle. What are some of the most creative meals you have made?

Haley: My Chicken curry soup is an awesome accompaniment to dinner and you can eat as much of it as you want! It’s packed with flavor and veggies, but is very low in fat!

My mushroom and beer chili makes a fabulously tasty lunch and it’s also great for you!

KCS: Where can I buy a Tiny Plate?

Haley: You can use any plate about 10 centimeters square for the Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist lifestyle.

KCS: Where can we buy your book “Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist” and what formats is it available in?

Haley: Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist is available on Amazon UK as a paperback and also in Kindle format. You can also buy it on and

Paperback (UK): Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist: Paperback
Kindle Edition (UK): Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist: Kindle Edition
Paperback (US): Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist: Paperback
Kindle Edition (US): Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist: Kindle Edition
Kindle Edition (AUS): Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist: Kindle Edition

KCS: Thank you for spending time with us today and for telling us all about your “Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist” lifestyle which is definitely working for – you look fabulous! One last question… what meal is on your Tiny Plate tonight?

Haley: I’m making my favorite pot roast, mashed potatoes & a berry balsamic salad!

KCS: Thanks, Haley!

Haley: Thank you so much for the interview, Paul!

You can follow Haley on Twitter at @HaleyErinMille1 and on Facebook at TinyPlateTinyWaist. You can also find more information about this fantastic healthy lifestyle on the Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist website at