Perfect Party Drinks – Punch Bowls, Ice Buckets and Drinks Dispensers Galore

As I write this article we are heading into party season as Halloween and Christmas draw near (although 2020 is bound to be a little different than normal) and you might be thinking of what drinks to have at your bash and how to serve them. In this short article I will be looking at a few best selling items that might give you some ideas on how to present your drinks, how to serve them, and how to keep them as cool and as fresh as possible.

Party Punch Bowls

Punch bowls aren’t as popular as they used to be, but don’t let that stop YOU from having a party with a tasty punch that everyone can enjoy. Made from glass or plastic, a punch bowl is especially good for children’s parties. There are a huge range of punch recipes online but the classics usually include fruit, fruit juice, a fizzy drink, an alcoholic drink, some herbs or spices, and ice. If you are holding a party with teenagers present, make sure that none of them steal a bottle of vodka out of the drinks cabinet and sneak some of it into the punch!

Brilliant Open Ice Bowls

Ice bowls are fantastic in the summer months for keeping beer, cider, wine or bubbly cool, and of course they are useful for winter parties where lots of people are gathering in one place and heat is created. Drinking a warm beer or white wine is not very pleasant so these ice bowls are very useful to serve bottled or canned drinks. Just fill with ice and enjoy the happy looks on your friends faces as they cheerfully grab another cool beverage from your bowl. Some of them can also be used as punch bowls but don’t use them as an ice bowl and a punch bowl at the same time – it just doesn’t work!

Luscious Ice Buckets with Lids

Lidded ice buckets serve a dual purpose. They can be used to keep ice cubes cool when the lids is kept on, but you can remove the lid and use them as ice buckets for bottles of wine or beer. They are often supplied with a tong or scoop to help remove the ice chips or cubes, and as you can see, they are very stylish in looks.

Dapper Drinks Dispensers

Drinks dispensers with taps are a very clever way of serving punch or fruit juice or any other beverage that you might serve at your bash. A sealed lid keeps unwanted insects or objects out of the drink and the tap feature makes it easy for party goers to serve themselves. These drinks dispensers come in a range of sizes and shapes, and some have removable compartments for ice and/or fruit slices to keep the drink cool or infuse flavour.

Awesome Party Drinkware Accessories

Here we have a few ideas of what you might also need drink-wise at your party. Wine coolers can be used all year round but are especially useful at gatherings, whilst a corkscrew and bottle opener is an essential item for your home. Ladles are needed for your punch bowl if you have lost or broken one, and finally you might be tempted to make a few cocktails at your ‘do’, so why not make them in style á la Tom Cruise and impress all your friends with your shaking skills and cocktail making recipe knowledge (by practising in advance of course)!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this short ideas list of what we feel are useful items to have for serving drinks and keeping them chilled at your party, whatever you might be celebrating. Have fun and drink responsibly!