Taking Lunch to the Office

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Taking Lunch to the Office or Workplace

During our adult working lives we will spend approximately a third of our time at work. That’s a lot of hours to be away from our home comforts and easy accessibility to food. It is important to eat during the day as we have to ‘recharge’ our bodies with energy-giving food. Grabbing a burger from the local fast food joint isn’t going to do our bodies any favours in the long run so many people take their own packed lunch with them to their job, be it sandwiches, salads, homemade healthy smoothies or shop bought goods.

Whatever food you take to work, it’s important that it arrives fresh, secure and undamaged. I can confirm from experience that cheese and ham sandwiches smothered with strawberry yogurt from a cracked pot is as disgusting as it sounds!

Lunch Boxes

Lunch boxes come in all shapes, sizes and colours and we particularly like Bento boxes that are becoming popular. It’s important that lunch boxes are tough, close securely and of a size that suits the bag you most often take to work. Below are some of our favourites.

Food Flasks and Wet Food Containers

Many people enjoy the benefits of a slow cooker at home – I know I do – so why not take some of your tasty creations to the office. If you have a microwave at work you can reheat your meals and make everyone at your job envious of your cooking skills when they catch the aroma your food, and if you don’t have any way of reheating your food, a food flask is ideal as it keeps your food hot for a decent length of time.

Drinks Flasks and Bottles

I would hope that your office has some kind of drink making facilities, but if not you might wish to take your own drinks bottle or flask with you. Flasks are great for hot beverages such as tea or coffee, but they are also excellent for soup which is perfect for warming you up on a cold wintry day, whilst bottles keep your fluids safe and leak-free.

How does your office cater for lunch times?

If you work in an office, you may find that you have to take breaks from your desk due to Health and Safety Executive recommendations regarding computer breaks. Does your employer offer you a comfortable space to eat your lunch? Do you think the office eating area needs a facelift? Perhaps the tables and looking tired and the chairs wobbly or broken? If so, then we suggest you speak to your managers and ask them to check out the stylish, comfortable and modern furniture from Calibre Office Furniture.

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