Top Selling Kitchen Knife Sets

If there were just one item in the kitchen that is absolutely essential, I would say that a kitchen knife would be it. Without a knife you would struggle to prepare even the simplest of meals, unless of course you only eat take aways and canned food!

The first ever knives were pieces of flint crudely shaped to have sharp edges, and these were used even before Homo sapien were around. These ‘knives’ were used for hunting, fishing, and protection, as well as harvesting and preparing food. We’ve moved on a lot since then and now you can find a plethora of options when it comes to kitchen knives.

Many people would say that there are four essential knives to have in your kitchen: A chef’s knife (8″ to 10″), a small paring knife, a serrated bread knife, and a carving knife. Of course, it is always useful to have extra knives to hand so below we have picked out some of our favourites from the best selling kitchen knife sets on Amazon UK.

Not only are knife sets useful to purchase for yourself, they also make great gifts for others. Just make sure you wrap them safely!

Great Starter Kitchen Knife Sets

These four kitchen knife sets are all highly recommended, especially for those on a budget. They make excellent gifts for anybody starting a new home as they are great value and fully functional. They will provide their owner with all they need for cutting, chopping and paring in the kitchen. They also look very neat too!

Stylish Kitchen Knife Sets

If you like to show off your kitchen knives in a stylish way, look no further than these four knife sets. They are made to be displayed proudly in your kitchen, and of course, they are all excellent knives in their own right too – they aren’t just for show. Who says kitchen knives can’t look great and perform well at the same time. Not us!

Colour Coded Kitchen Knife Sets

Some people like to colour code their knives for specific purposes. You may wish to keep a knife for cutting meat only, or perhaps a knife or two solely for vegetables. Other people like to use one knife for fish and nothing else. Whatever your preference, using a colour coded system helps the process and looks great at the same time. Naturally, these knives all perform as brilliantly as they look.

Hecef Kitchen Knife Sets

HECEF stands for “Hi, Enjoy Cooking, Enjoy Food!” and they know a thing about kitchen knives as they are constantly at the top of the best selling list on Amazon UK. All their products are FDA, LFGB, ISO9001, and ISO14001 approved and buyers are very happy using their knives. In fact, you could say that they Enjoy Cooking with them! We love the look of Hecef knife sets and the picks below are just four of our favourites.

Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Sets

I can’t find much information about the Wanbasion brand but they are highly rated on Amazon UK for their kitchen implements and knives. We really like the look of their knifes, and the knife sets that they manufacture seem to be very well priced. They incorporate into their knives features commonly found on more expensive products, such as anti-scratch coatings and ultra fine blades.

Wooden Knife Block Kitchen Knife Sets

I’ve written before how much I appreciate the look and feel of real wood in the home and kitchen. Wooden knife blocks have many positive points to consider including:

  • they keep your knifes safe
  • they keep your knives close to hand
  • the wood helps them to keep a keen edge
  • the can store a large number of knives and other implements
  • they look great and stylish

The following wooden block kitchen knife sets on Amazon UK really appeal to me.

Thank you for reading this roundup on some of the UK’s top selling knife sets. We hope that it has helped you choose your new kitchen knives!