Top Selling Pots & Pans Sets

If you’re looking for some decent cookware to replace your tired looking pots and pans, or perhaps you’re setting up a new home and have very little to cook with, take a moment to read this page and discover some of the UK’s top selling pots and pans sets.

Buying Considerations

When looking to buy new post and pans it’s important to consider a few things:

  • The type of material: stainless steel, copper, cast iron, aluminium, etc.
  • Non-stick or not
  • The type of hob you will be using them on
  • Can you also put them in the oven? This affects handle material.
  • Number of saucepans required
  • Number of frying pans required
  • Sizes of saucepans and fry pans

We won’t dwell on these points too much however it’s important that you choose the right material dependant on the type of hob you have. Many modern hobs are induction hobs so your pots and pans will need a special type of base for them to work. Also check if the base of the pots is safe to use on ceramic hobs as they can be quite susceptible to scratching. When you have figured out your own particular options you will still be amazed at the wide range of choices available to you.

Pots and Pans Sizes

After a while you get to know which pots and pans you use the most and it’s easier to decide what size and type of pots and pans set you need. It’s not so easy when you are starting out though! In our household we use the 18 cm and the 20 cm saucepans the most. The 16 cm saucepan gets used occasionally and the 24 cm frying pan is used weekly but we would prefer something larger. We do have a milk pan and a small frying pan but they are pretty much collecting dust now!

Once you know what size set of pots and pans you need why not check out the latest best selling pots and pans sets on Amazon UK to see what people are buying at the moment. Many of the products there can also be found on this page.

All the products shown on this page have received high ratings on Amazon UK by their buyers, but it’s always good to read a selection of positive and negative product reviews to get a good idea of what people don’t like about the new pots and pans they have bought and are using.

3 Piece Pots and Pans Sets

If you’re just looking for new saucepans, a 3 piece set is probably the best choice for you. Most 3 piece pan sets come with saucepans sized at 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm in diameter, and most 3 piece saucepan sets include lids, but not all. The Tefal Ingenio set shown below has a removable handle to save storage space in the kitchen, but lids can’t be used whilst cooking so they are not included. All the sets shown below can be used with induction hobs too which is very handy!

5 Piece Pots and Pans Sets

By far and away the most common pots and pans sets purchased are the 5 piece sets. Some sets will come with 3 pots and two frying pans, whilst others will have a milk pan instead of a small frying pan. It’s up to you which kind of set will be more useful in your household. A standard set will usually include 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm saucepans, a 14 cm milk pan and 24 cm frying pan. In cases where you don’t have a milk pan, you usually find a 20 cm frying pan instead but this isn’t always the case so check.

As noted earlier, most of these pots and pans sets will include lids for the saucepans, but you may also find that some manufacturers include lids for the frying pans or even the milk pans. This can make for excellent value for money and be very useful when cooking, however you have to think about the space available for storage for these extra lids.

Just a quick mention about the Swan 5 Piece Retro Induction Pan Set above. This particular set includes a 20 cm fry pan and a huge 28 cm fry pan which we think is a great size as in our house we often find the standard 24 cm frying pan a little too small.

6 Piece Pots and Pans Sets

As you go up the scale in pots and pans set sizes you will find that manufacturers tend to offer a wide (and sometimes unusual) choice of options. Some will include extra fry pans whilst others will add a griddle pan, and others will have no pans at all, but include extra sized pots! Here we have four different highly rated 6 piece sets all giving the buyer a different choice. Whilst shopping for pots and pans you will also see sets with 7 or more saucepans and frying pans so there really is no limit to what you might wish to include in your kitchen if space and money is no issue!

Thank you for reading this article on some of the UK’s top selling pots and pans sets. We hope that it has helped you choose your new cookware!