Product Comparison: Modern 24 Piece Cutlery Sets

In our home we are thinking of buying a new cutlery set as our existing knives, forks and spoons have seen far better days! My significant other on Kitchen & Cook Shop, insists on having a 24 piece cutlery set, whilst I only desire that it be modern and stylish, and not too expensive!

With these parameters in mind, I have been looking around on the Amazon UK website and have narrowed down my choices to the 6 being reviewed in this article. These cutlery sets are all those that I would consider modern in design and of good value too.

Let us start by looking at three cutlery sets by Amefa.

Amefa are a company that have been around since 1931 and they certainly know a thing about cutlery. They produce a multitude of cutlery designs at a range of prices that suit every budget. Amefa cutlery is also very highly rated on, with the majority of their cutlery sets getting positive reviews from happy buyers.

The design of cutlery is a very personal choice and I prefer a slender handle to my knives and forks. I really like ‘chopstick’ style handles but I fear that they may be a little thin to use. Amefa have a range of cutlery sets that appear to be slightly fatter than chopstick style, but still with slender enough handles to suit my tastes. I especially like the Amefa Carlton 24 piece Cutlery Set shown below. Amazon reviewers like this cutlery set too, but there have been a few complaints regarding rust so it is recommended that you dry up your cutlery immediately after washing to avoid rust.

The Amefa Sure Modern Cutlery Set is very stylish, but it’s not really what I’m looking for so I have been searching elsewhere among the Amefa range of cutlery. The Amefa Bliss Cutlery Set is a lovely looking choice, but once again, the handles might be a little too wide for my particular tastes! Fussy, moi?

All Amefa cutlery sets have a 25 year guarantee and claim to be dishwasher safe.

Our other choices in 24 piece cutlery sets.

My partner has always wanted another cutlery set by Viners, after the set she previously had was ‘borrowed and never returned’ by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend! My parents also use Viners cutlery and they certainly are of high quality. The set I quite like is the Viners Angel 24 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Gift Box Set. There are a great many positive reviews on this Viners cutlery set, proving without doubt that it is a high quality product. The cutlery is made of 18:0 Stainless Steel, dishwasher safe and comes with a 25 year guarantee.

Another cutlery set that I like is the Sabichi 24-Piece Stainless Steel Mayfair Cutlery Set. It is excellent value at £16.99, which is a steal for a 24 piece cutlery set in my opinion. They are perfect for every day use, however I suspect that over time they might rust up if not cared for. They look slim but strong, and I would consider them to be a perfectly acceptable cutlery set. Sabichi make many different household and kitchen products, the majority of them very well rated, so you can feel assured that you are buying a product that will last.

Here at Kitchen & Cook Shop, we are big fans of products made by Andrew James so I was interested to find that this British manufacturer also made cutlery. Not surprisingly, the Andrew James 24 Piece Cutlery Set In Stainless Steel is excellent value, as are all of their products. This is a great looking cutlery set and I like the slightly ‘slab’ style of the handles. They would make a great set of cutlery for a new home or those on a budget. I suspect that this cutlery may have been made to a lower price point than others, but that’s not to say that Andrew James have skimped on quality, because I highly doubt that they have. Quality and Andrew James go hand-in-hand. This set too is dishwasher safe and includes a 2 year warranty.

Our final choice

We have yet to buy our cutlery set but the final choice seems to be between the Amefa Carlton 24 piece Cutlery Set and the Andrew James 24 Piece Cutlery Set In Stainless Steel. The Andrew James cutlery set is half the price of the Amefa cutlery set, but the guarantee is a lot shorter. Perhaps I shall buy both – The Amefa set for special occasions and the Andrew James set for every day use!

Which cutlery set would you choose?