Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters

Heart shaped cookie cutters are an essential item for both the aspiring or experienced baker. Of course, when we think about heart shaped bakes we immediately think of Valentine’s Day, but heart designed bakes are also very commonly used in wedding cakes and engagement bakes. Or perhaps you might simply want to bake the love of your life some cookies to let them know how much they mean to you – and that sounds perfect to us! Below are some of our favourite heart shaped cookie cutter sets.

Heart Shaped Plastic Cookie Cutters

Plastic is a very common material for making cookie cutters and other pastry design shapes. They are easy to clean and brilliant for kids to use so get your youngsters into the kitchen and get them baking lovely heart shaped goodies with you this Valentine’s Day!

Heart Shaped Metal Cookie Cutters

Some people prefer to use metal implements in the kitchen. These heart cookie cutter sets are made from either stainless steel or aluminium. They are stylish and durable and offer many years of heart shaped baking pleasure.

KAISHANE Valentine’s Day Cookie Cutters

KAISHANE sell a great variety of products for your kitchen and baking needs and their products are highly rated. Below are just three styles of heart cutters for you to try next time you make cookies, biscuits or any other heart shaped baked goody.

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