Whisky Glasses and Whisky Gift Sets

Many whisky drinkers feel that it’s important to drink their tipple out of a decent glass – and we completely agree! Whilst some whisky drinkers can be as choosy about their glasses as they are their whisky, we are happy to enjoy our dram out of any glass that has a solid base and room to allow the drink to breathe, ensuring that we are able to enjoy the aroma of the whisky.

Below are some of the whisky glasses that have caught our eye among the many hundreds available on Amazon UK. Most are of the tumbler or old fashioned style glass as we feel that these are the most popular and most useful in the home as they are perfect for mixers and other drinks too. We have also included a couple of Glencairn style glasses that are often used at whisky tastings, which are a great addition to your glassware collection if you buy or receive a Whisky Tasting Gift Set at some point.

Whisky Glasses

You can purchase whisky glasses as singles but it is quite common for them to come as a set. This can make it better value to buy, but more importantly, it is also a great gift idea, especially if you have a drinking buddy whose drinks cabinet you might like to explore but need a reason to do so without appearing rude!

Whisky Glass Gift Sets

If you know a whisky drinker and are looking for a present for them, any of these fantastic whisky glass sets would be a brilliant gift idea. Many of these gift sets include whisky stones – an excellent alternative to ice cubes to keep a good whisky cool without impairing the flavour, strength or purity of the drink.

Our Favourite Whisky Glasses

On Kitchen & Cook Shop we have already written a couple of articles about our favourite whisky glasses. Our absolute favourite glass is the The Cibi Double Old Fashioned Glass as featured in the film Blade Runner. I wrote an entire article about the history of these whisky glasses and their role in the groundbreaking Sci-Fi movie starring Harrison Ford.

The other glasses we really like are the Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Glasses with their unique shape and utterly fantastic price! They are a real talking point and also very good for those that find it difficult or uncomfortable holding straight sided glasses. Read more about these great Sorgente drinks glasses.