Easy to Hold Glass Tumblers – The Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Glasses

If you find holding glasses difficult or uncomfortable then these unusual and stylish drinks glasses from Bormioli Rocco may be the perfect drinks tumblers for you. Perhaps you no longer have the strength in your hands that you once did, or maybe a medical condition makes holding regular drinks glasses difficult. Suffer no more… And don’t let the strange design fool you – these tumblers may look awkward to hold, but they are anything but that!

The Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Whisky Glass

The manufacturer calls these whisky glasses but in reality these are too big to be used for straight spirits, however they are perfect for mixers, soft drinks, juice or water. Each glass has a capacity of 420 ml (15 fluid ounces) and when empty they weigh 800 grams (28 ounces) so they are neither small nor light weight, but this all helps to make them a stable vessel for your drink. They stand 11 cm tall and have an 8.5 cm diameter.

As you can see, the design is quite unique. It has a timeless style that I don’t think will ever look old. When a glass is shaped like the Bormioli Rocco Sorgente above, or our favourite glass, the classic Blade Runner Cibi Double Old Fashioned Glass, it will never look out-of-fashion because it has an ageless design. In 10, 100 or 1000 years, these glasses will still be as appealing then as they are now!

You can purchase the Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Glasses on Amazon UK as either a pair of glasses (£7.99*), or as a box of six glasses (£14.99*).

*Prices shown are at time of writing and are subject to change at any time.

Our thoughts on the Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Glasses

What makes these Sorgente design glasses from Bormioli Rocco different? We took a long look at all the reviews and came up with the following observations. Buyers say that these drinking glasses are:

  • Stylish glasses that are easy to grip.
  • Comfortable to hold.
  • Great tumblers if you find holding regular glasses difficult.
  • Larger than normal glasses so may not fit small hands.
  • Definitely NOT a whisky glass – far too big – but great for mixers or juice, water, soft drinks, etc.
  • The packing is not altogether great and it is not gift boxed.
  • Some say the glass is a bit too thin and prone to breaking, whilst others think the opposite.

Reviews of the Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Glasses

There is nothing more honest that the reviews of real buyers and here are our top picks.

Amazon purchaser Pete writes of these Sorgente Glasses:

“These are marvellous glasses, larger than it seems from the photograph, these will easily hold a bottle of beer, so if you are measuring liquor into them, be careful. The shape, while curious, is excellent. It fits the hand very comfortably, and the ridges and twists in the glass make them extremely easy to hold and allow a firm grip. This is important for me as my hands do not function as they used to, so ordinary straight glasses can be a bit of a challenge. These are absolutely perfect and I can now comfortably hold a glass again without worrying overly much about it slipping out of my fingers. The glass is high quality, and these have a nice ring when clinked. It may not seem like it from the shape, but they are just as easy to clean as a straight glass. The base is nicely weighted and the size of the glass means it is not easy to knock one over. All in all an excellent drinking glass that is going to get a lot of use.”

Likewise, S. Smith says:

“Great glasses. Unusual design makes them stand out. I like a chunky glass and these are nice and solid in the hand. The contoured shape makes them easy to hold and no worries about them slipping out of your hand. Went through dishwasher ok.”

Happy buyer W.F. Smith notes:

“Excellent value for money. Attractive, lovely to hold. We tend to be good at breaking and chipping! Hence our glasses and crockery gradually get binned or recycled. We were down to our last two tumblers and I bought these. They look hard to chip or break. They are easy to pick up even from the top. They are lovely to drink from. I shall be using them for all drinks other than wine and even that I may…! So pleased I have bought another set.”

Therese offers her view and writes:

“While you may think these are difficult to hold, it’s actually the opposite, allowing better grip when slippery condensation occurs from ice cubes. Also great for having water on your bedside table as you grope around in the dark hoping you don’t spill water in your bed!”

Contented buyer Lee-anne notes of these unusual glasses:

“Love the feel of these in the hand they give you grooves to place fingers and with no effort afford a better grip a nice side effect of the beautiful, as we say in this house “wobbly glasses”.”

Christine Gaunt wasn’t so impressed and wrote:

“Ordered as a whisky glass but was too big. This was a gift but packing is not great so unable to give.”

Finally Karena gave these glasses 3 out of 5 stars and said:

“Like the shape, sturdy enough but a bit thick and cheap looking. Okay but not as nice as I had hoped.”


We really like the Bormioli Rocco Sorgente Glasses. Originally we were looking for new drinking glasses to replace our dwindling supply but the fact that these Bormioli Rocco designer tumblers not only look great but are easy to hold too appeals to us. We both do a lot of typing and our hands can become quite fatigued by the end of a busy day. I also know of a couple of people that, due to medical conditions, could really benefit from easy-to-hold glasses and these would make great gifts for them.